ErdoIan criticizes Turkish fans for disrespecting Greek national anthem

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has chided Turkish fans for disrespecting the national anthem of neighboring Greece during a friendly soccer match between the national teams of the two countries this week by booing and chanting slogans.
and”We are not a country that cannot tolerate another countryand’s national anthem. It is not in our genes. What would we do if the same thing were done to us?and” Erdogan said during a televised interview on Wednesday evening. Turkish fans had booed and chanted slogans during a minuteand’s silence held for the victims of last weekand’s attacks in Paris before the friendly at Istanbuland’s Fatih Terim Stadium on Tuesday, leading to strong criticism inside Turkey and around the world. Some spectators also booed during the Greek national anthem before the match.
Erdogan, while criticizing the fansand’ disrespect against the Greek national anthem, did not comment on the behavior of the spectators during the minute of silence.
and”We are having a friendly game and they [Greek people] are guests in our country. The Turkish nation would not do this to its guests, no matter who they are,and” Erdogan said.


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