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Washington disasterIt will never be adequate to just write about the murders that were carried out in Soma Words will never be strong enough so long as the responsible figures shamelessly continue holding their posts. Therefore, I will not write about Soma today.

I want to share with you interesting rumors circulating in Washington, which might drop hints about the direction towards which Turkey is headed.As you may know, Deputy Prime Minister BeIir Atalay and a group of Turkish journalists traveled to Washington a few weeks ago to speak about policies of the Justice and Development Party (AKP).

Some details of this visit have found their place in the Turkish media Today, I will share with you interesting pieces of information that have not been covered in the media, which I obtained from an old source who has been working at the US Congress. I believe this information will help you better understand Washington’s perception of the AKP government.

First of all, Atalay and his delegation’s visit to Washington was not as successful as has been claimed by the AKP mediaLet’s begin with a meeting held at the Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research (SETA), which is known for its proximity to the government. I have learned that only a small American audience participated in the event and those participants were not high-ranking officials of the institutions they are working for Under normal circumstances, one would expect that US officials would make up the majority of participants of an event promoted by the deputy prime minister of any country.

But this was not the case for the SETA meeting. Only some 20 participants of a hall with a capacity of 120 people were US officials.

This is evidence that the event served no purpose beyond spreading propaganda for Turkish participants.What is more surprising is that the US Congress representatives openly showed their opinions and reactions to Atalay and his delegation.

SETA hosted a breakfast for Atalay and sent invitations to over 100 Congress members. But Congress decided not to attend the breakfast.

The reason behind this protest was Atalay’s remarks that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoIan was referring to a Jewish lobby with his statements over an “interest lobby.” Even though Atalay denied his remarks in Washington, he later said the protest was a clear reaction to his anti-Semitic statements.

My source says the arguments expressed at the meeting were quite weak and far from convinced the Americans furthermore, the views voiced by the panelists smacked of wiliness and that even the Americans at the audience could not help but raise objections.Also, the US officials who met the Turkish delegation were of low rank, an apparently intentional move.

This means our deputy prime minister traveled to the US with a delegation but could not even meet his American counterpart. He could only hold talks with lower-level officials.

The delegation also visited a university, during which members of the delegation even failed to win over American students. Responding to questions from students from the Faculty of Communication, the delegation had to answer questions about how “natural” it was for a former Washington correspondent of the Yeni Iafak daily to be fired for criticizing the government, and how “appropriate” it was for the prime minister to make a newspaper owner cry after harshly criticizing a story that the paper had published.

“You should have seen the looks in the students’ eyes,” my source told me.The American media did not pay much attention to the delegation’s visit.

I was told: “Did you notice that neither the conference nor any meetings were covered by any American media outlets, including online news portals?”The delegation celebrated their “success” at an expensive restaurant in Washington on the holy night of Regaip Kandili (Laylat al-Ragha’ib). Those members of the delegation who drink alcohol drank, while those who do not drink enjoyed cigars.

Who drinks what is, of course, not our business. But if wine is served at a party attended by the deputy prime minister on the night of Regaip Kandili, it is our duty as journalists to break the news to our readers.

Now it is understood with more clarity why Obama phoned President Abdullah Gul, and not his old friend ErdoIan.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman

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