EMRE – ErdoIan and the peace process

ErdoIan and the peace processRecep Tayyip ErdoIan has sent interesting messages about the peace process. According to the Hurriyet Daily News on Oct.

26, he said: andldquoPeople in southeastern Turkey are pleased with this [peace process] but the terrorist organization [the Kurdistan Workersand#39 Party (PKK)] is not. Its extension [the Peoplesand#39 Democratic Party (HDP)] is not happy either, because it had been using the [Kurdish issue] as a bargaining chip.

andrdquoandldquoHe also argued that the jailed PKK leader Abdullah calan, who is serving a life sentence in ImralI Island prison and who is the stateand#39s main interlocutor in the process, was unhappy with the PKK and the HDPand#39s stance and therefore issued the statement warning them not to damage the peace process.andldquoSpeaking after three off-duty Turkish soldiers were shot dead in the street in the southeastern province of Hakkari, ErdoIan said such attacks were connected to the PKKand#39s discontent with the peace process.

andldquoandlsquoAll of these [attacks] are about this. They are attempts to prevent the peace process.

The PKK does not want peace in Turkey. The political party that is an extension of the PKK [the HDP] does not want peace either That is as clear as two plus two equals four,and#39 he said.

andrdquoWhen a curious Western reader reads ErdoIanand#39s statement it is almost impossible for them to understand what ErdoIan means. If the PKK and its political wing, the HDP, do not want the peace process, why do you, the head of government, want to talk to the PKK and the HDP to establish a peace process?Did you and your government agencies, including your intelligence agencies, just realize that the PKK and the HDP do not want a peace process? Then why did you allow the PKK, a group that doesnand#39t want to have peace with Turkey, to become stronger and deepen its influence over people and leave state agencies unguarded against this group?If the PKK and the HDP do not want the peace process, why did you stop the army and the police from conducting operations against terrorists?If the PKK and the HDP do not want the peace process, why did you send your intelligence agency to their headquarters to negotiate with them?If the HDP does not want the peace process, why did you allow HDP deputies to visit calan as peace ambassadors between calan and the PKK?If the HDP does not want the peace deal, why did your government publish a peace plan to ensure the peace process is on track?If the PKK and the HDP do not want peace, with whom did you think you would establish peace, which you are aocating as the project of the century?It seems that ErdoIan thinks calan is unhappy with the PKK and the HDPand#39s stance against the peace process.

If that is the case, ErdoIan must be naandiumlve to think that he can establish peace with just a single man, calan, against the will of the PKK and the HDP.If ErdoIan sincerely thinks this way, which is very likely, he must think that the PKK is somewhat similar to his Justice and Development Party (AK Party) where whatever the leader — ErdoIan — says is accepted as law or as the principles of the party.

One needs to explain to ErdoIan that calan is no longer the spokesperson of the PKK. Thanks to ErdoIanand#39s effort to establish links between the PKK leadership committee and calan, he echoes the PKKand#39s leadership committeeand#39s view.

It is ErdoIanand#39s decision to keep calan alive and not calanand#39s charisma that keeps the PKK intact.Unfortunately it is too late for ErdoIan to realize that his government has entered a dead end with no possible return.

In order to gain some time for his partyand#39s victory before the next elections ErdoIan deceived the Turkish public and made it seem as though he is going to establish peace with the PKK. The PKK leaders knew of his intention.

Thus they ordered their militants not to withdraw from Turkey. ErdoIan had to accept it.

Now that the peace game is coming to an end, ErdoIan is trying to escape from the lies that he told the public. In order to do that he is blaming the PKK and making it seem as though it is the PKK and the HDP that do not want peace and hopes to deceive the public once againandhellip.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman

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