Election failure may push MHP to question discourse

The Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) may well feel the need to question its discourse and unwillingness to cooperate following the heavy defeat it suffered in Sundayand’s snap election, although the partyand’s leader has ruled out resignation.
According to unofficial results, the MHP got 11.9 percent of the vote, a sharp decline from over 16 percent in the general election in June.
In the June 7 election, the MHP won 80 seats in Parliament, while the figure is possibly going to plummet to 40 this time.
MHP leader Devlet Bahandceli ruled out resignation in a written statement late on Sunday.
Arguing that the election results did not change Turkeyand’s gloomy picture, the MHP leader said he would continue to work for the goals of the party until his last breath.
The MHPand’s unconstructive attitude towards becoming a partner in a coalition government by enumerating several conditions seems to be the reason behind the sharp decline in votes.
Despite efforts by the main opposition Republican Peopleand’s Party (CHP) to bring together the three opposition parties to forge a coalition, the MHP adamantly dismissed any such possibility saying it would never be part of any coalition that would include the pro-Kurdish Peoplesand’ Democratic Party (HDP).
The MHP failed to win any deputy in 58 of the 81 provinces, as some leading figures from the party have been left out of Parliament due to the sharp fall in votes.
Deputy Chairpersons Sadir Durmaz and Ruhsar Demirel, Koray Aydin, a prominent figure in the party who is currently deputy parliament speaker, and Durmui Yilmaz, a former head of the central bank, failed to get elected.
While officials of the party mostly remained silent over the election defeat, Deputy Chairman Demirel admitted responsibility for the thrashing.
In remarks to a local television channel in Eskiiehir, Demirel was quoted by the Handurriyet daily as saying on Monday, and”We have lost votes all over Turkey –. Iand’m an official of the party. Iand’m also at fault if I canand’t win a seat [in Parliament] in my province.and”
Eskiiehir, where the party failed to win any deputy, is the province where Demirel was elected deputy in the June election.
The MHP statement said: and”All officials of our party are wholeheartedly continuing to work. May God not take us away from our goals, principles and the consciousness of being a member of the Turkish nation.and”
Emin andcinar, a member of the board of the Parliament Speakerand’s Office, and Hidayet Vahapoilu, deputy secretary-general, are also among those who failed to win a seat in Parliament.
The defeat the MHP has suffered in the repeat election is big, considering that the party failed to get more than 10 percent of the vote in Istanbul, which has a population of around 15 million people. Its votes in Central Anatolia, a region that is the partyand’s stronghold, have also sharply fallen, while in the Black Sea region the party is not a player to be reckoned with.
MHP Iidir deputy Sinan Oian, who was dismissed in August from the party, has returned to the MHP due to a court order.
In remarks on Twitter, Oian announced his return saying, and”Justice has been served.and”
A court canceled the partyand’s decision to expel Oian based on unsound grounds following a vote by the MHP disciplinary committee. Oian also expressed commitment to the party, saying he is a man of cause and wonand’t join any party other than the MHP.
Following the election in June, no single party got enough deputies to forge a government alone.
Efforts by the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) to form a coalition, which were widely argued by the opposition to be insincere, became fruitless.
Due to this unconstructive attitude, Bahandceli has been given the nickname and”Mr. Noand” by some.
The election failure may also be put down to the fact that the party held only two rallies as part of its campaign ahead of the Nov. 1 election.
Bahandceli said in the written statement that the party would respect the nationand’s choice in the election but argued that every vote cast for the AK Party would lead to more disasters for the country instead of bringing stability.
As compared to the June election, the MHP lost nearly 2 million votes. Based on unofficial figures, the party got almost 5.7 million votes in the snap election.
The only province where the party managed to increase its votes was the eastern province of Ardahan.


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