Eldar Babazadeh presents exhibition at Absheron gallery

By: Laman Sadigova

The Absheron gallery in Baku has welcomed a personal exhibition by famous Azerbaijani artist Eldar Babazadeh.

The exposition titled “Magic Dreams” accurately reflects the theme of the exhibition. Babazadeh’s paintings are unusual and enigmatic, offering a peek into a surreal world filled with mysteries and secrets.

Visitors congratulated the artist and made kind comments about his works. Babazadeh warmly thanked everyone for their appreciation of his art.

Ahead of the official opening of the exhibition, Babazadeh told Trend that 51 paintings had been included in his exhibition.

The head of the Art Council Azerbaijan, Dadash Mammadov, helped to organize the exhibition. The location of the exhibition was no accident either, as the shape of the Maiden Tower is present in many of the paintings on display.

The artist appreciates bright, cheerful colors. Although he has attempted on a number of occasions to change his style and paint in cold colors, he always returns to his original preference.

Adressing the official opening ceremony, Mammadov praised Babazadeh’s work.

“Eldar is one of my favorite artists. His wonderful works vary with the techniques of writing and colors. He has been preparing this exhibition for two years, and now, we finally have the opportunity to enjoy his works,” he said.

While discussing his methods, the painter said it was important to put all of one’s emotions into the work in order to create a masterpiece.

Eldar Babazade was born in Baku in 1962. After studying at Art School Number 84 from 1979 to 1981, Babazade served in the Soviet army based in Germany. In 1984, he returned to Baku to study art at the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the Azerbaijani State Pedagogical Institute until 1989. He has been employed at a production plant since then and became a member of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan in 1990. Beyond Baku, Babazade has held solo exhibitions in Turkey, Germany, Iran, Sweden, and Australia.


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