Egypt releases Turkish student after 6-month jail

KAYSERI (CIHAN)- Turkish student Emre Gurbuz who was accused of damaging the al-Azhar University was released six months after he was jailed during demonstrations in November.

Gurbuz, a Turkish national who had been studying in Egypt, was taken into custody in November on the al-Azhar University campus, where he had gone to finalize the paperwork for a transfer to a Turkish university, a decision he made due to the increasing violence occurring at the time in Egypt. Caught between protesters and police forces, Gurbuz — who the police assumed was a demonstrator — was detained along with 23 other protesters by Egyptian police. The student claims he was not involved in the demonstrations, which were in protest of the previous detention of al-Azhar students.

On Saturday, after 186-day detention, Gurbuz was released. Her mother Safiye Gurbuz, who is living in central Anatolian town of NiIde, said the Turkish Consulate informed the family on Saturday that their son was released. She added that Gurbuz will travel to Turkey on Monday and come to Istanbul. (TZCihan)

Gurbuz’s father said Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet DavutoIlu called him and said “I honored my promise and set your son free.”


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