ECHR’s decision not binding, no necessity to pay compensation, says FM DavutoIlu

ISTANBUL (CIHAN)- Foreign Minister Ahmet DavutoIlu criticized harshly the the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) which fined Turkey to pay record amount of fine due to its military operation in Cyprus in 1974, saying that the decision of the court is not binding and there is no necessity to pay compensation.

On Monday, ECHR released its decision that Turkey to pay 90 of millions of euros in compensation to Greek Cyprus for “human rights violations” resulting from Turkey’s military operation in Cyprus in 1974, which drew great criticism from Turkish officials.

Speaking at a program, the minister stated that Turkey sees no necessity to pay the compensation to a country that it does not formally recognize.

“In terms of the grounds of this ruling, its method and the fact that it is considering a country that Turkey does not recognise as a counterparty, we see no necessity to make this payment,” said DavutoIlu.

“Yesterday’s ECHR ruling consists of some legal contradictions and therefore we don’t see it as at all binding, in terms of payment,” he added.


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