E-marketing to boost tourism in Azerbaijan

By: Nigar Orujova

Azerbaijan has set up a working group on electronic marketing in tourism, as the country enjoys favorable conditions for tourism development, offering these possibilities around the year.

The working group was set up to promote the tourism potential of Azerbaijan via e-marketing, the Culture and Tourism Ministry reported.

Today, Azerbaijan with its natural beauties, history, art, and international events, has turned into a top tourist destination in the region.

Over 2 million tourists came to Azerbaijan last year, which amounted to about one billion manat (over $950,000 million) in revenue from tourism.

In the near future, the country is expected to increase its tourist flow up to 5 million a year. This target seems quite attainable, as the country has turned into a center for international events, including popular competitions like Formula 1 and Euro 2020.

This year, Azerbaijan welcomed guests from around the world at the inaugural European Games Baku 2015. Over 28,000 foreign tourists mostly from Russia, UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, the US, and the United Arab Emirates gathered in Baku during the 17 days of competition.

Earlier, Azerbaijan also switched to issuing electronic visa, while Azerbaijan and the European Union simplified the visa regime between the sides.

In accordance with the marketing plan of the Ministry, the working group will be involved in organization of the respective campaigns in target markets, implementation of relevant projects aimed at promoting the tourism potential of Azerbaijan in foreign websites and marketing research on tourism.

More than three billion people in the world use the Internet at present, which have turned this media into an effective means of propaganda.

Tourists that have already visited Azerbaijan and shared their photos on social networks promote the country and attract more visitors.

An analysis of the experience of some foreign countries shows that in recent years, e-marketing is widely used in tourism and other sectors of the economy.

Unlike a traditional means of promotion, electronic marketing requires less financial costs and has a more effective advocacy and communication effect.


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