Dink murder indictment returned to prosecutor for second time

An indictment that had already been revised by public prosecutor GandOkalp KandOkandcandu, who is overseeing an ongoing investigation into state officials who face charges of misconduct and negligence in the murder of Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink in 2007, was again returned to him by the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutorand’s Office for allegedly including the names of some pro-government police officers as suspects and demanding a prison sentence of up to 25 years for police chief Engin Dinandc, who is also one of the suspects.
Dinandc, currently the head of the National Police Departmentand’s intelligence unit, led the Trabzon Police Departmentand’s intelligence unit at the time of Dinkand’s murder in 2007.
The Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutorand’s Office returned KandOkandcanduand’s first indictment on Oct. 19, on the grounds that the indictment was and”deficient.and” After changing the indictment, KandOkandcandu sent a new version of the 150-page document to the prosecutorand’s office on Oct. 21.
In the altered indictment, KandOkandcandu also requested that the investigation being conducted into the state officials on the charges of misconduct and negligence be merged with a trial being heard at the Istanbul 5th High Criminal Court against the perpetrators of Dinkand’s assassination. In this trial Ogandun Samast, Yasin Hayal and Erhan Tuncel stand as the accused.
On Monday, the altered indictment was returned to KandOkandcandu by the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutorand’s Office, on the grounds that the indictment was still and”deficient.and” It has been claimed that the prosecutorand’s office returned the indictment because it included Dinandc, who is known to be close to the Justice and Development Party (AK Party), among other state officials who are suspected of being negligent and engaging in misconduct regarding the Dink murder.
According to the claims, the prosecutorand’s office allegedly asked KandOkandcandu to remove some names from the list of suspects. There were 25 state officials among the suspects in the investigation. Among those were Dinandc, former Istanbul Police Chief Celalettin Cerrah, former Istanbul Police Department Intelligence Unit Chief Ahmet ilhan Ganduler, the former head of the National Police Departmentand’s intelligence unit Ramazan Akyandurek and former Istanbul Police Department Intelligence Bureau Chief Ali Fuat Yilmazer. Those suspects face charges of and”forming an organization to commit crimeand” and andquotvoluntary manslaughter.andquot
Media reports revealed that Dinandc testified to the Istanbul Public Prosecutorand’s Office secretly in September and that they received intelligence on a probable assassination of Dink in Trabzon, which was sent to the Istanbul police in a letter numbered 027248 on Feb. 17, 2006. and”I also phoned the chief of the intelligence unit of the Istanbul Police Department about the intelligence,and” Dinandc said in his testimony.
However, Cerrah and Ganduler stated in their testimonies before the court during the trial in December 2014 that they had not received any intelligence about Dinkand’s assassination before the murder took place in 2007.
Dink was shot and killed by Samast, an ultranationalist teenager, in 2007. Samast and 18 others were brought to trial. Since then, the lawyers for the Dink family and the co-plaintiffs in the case have presented evidence indicating that Samast did not act alone. Another suspect, Hayal, was sentenced to life in prison for inciting Samast to commit murder.
The retrial started in September 2014 when the Istanbul 5th High Criminal Court complied with a ruling from the Supreme Court of Appeals in May 2013, overturning a lower courtand’s ruling that acquitted the suspects in the Dink murder case of charges of forming a terrorist organization. This decision paved the way for the trial of public officials on charges of voluntary manslaughter.


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