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Archeologists have discovered an island mentioned in ancient books on which the ancient city of and”Kaneand” was built, during surface explorations conducted near the Bademli neighborhood of Dikili, izmir .
After examining geological samples taken from layers of underground rock from a small peninsula near Bademli, the archeologists discovered that the peninsula was once an island in ancient times, and that the strait separating the island from the land had filled with silt over time.
The newly discovered island is the third of the and”Arginusand” islands mentioned in ancient books. The location of the Arginus islands had been debated for some long time among archeologists, historians and geographers.
Archeologists from the German Archeology Institute and the University of KandOln along with historians, geographers and geophysicists from the universities of Manisa, KandOln, Rostock and Southampton, started an archeological excavation to find the location of the Arginus islands near Bademli.
Dr. Felix Pirson said: and”It was not clear that these lands were actually the Arginus islands that we were looking for until our research. By examining the geological samples obtained through the core-drill method, we recognized that the gap between the third Arginus island and the mainland was indeed filled with loose soil and rock, creating the existing peninsula.and”
Through the examination of architectural remnants and ceramic artifacts on the peninsula, the archeologists discovered that the city of Kane was actually situated on the island.


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