Deputy chairman says AK Party not a party of ‘revenge,’ the whole nation winner of polls

Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Deputy Chairman andOmer andcelik has said the whole nation is the winner of Sundayandrsquos vote, stressing that the party will not seek to take and”revengeand” from its critics.
and”We are not a party of revenge. We are a party which acts with the maturity and with the responsibility to rule the country. The politics of revenge, a negative language of revenge are all absent in our book,and” andcelik told at a press conference on Monday when he commented on the election results which granted the AK Party the parliamentary majority it lost in the June elections.
and”The winner of the election is the AK Party. Most of other parties had losses. However, although there are parties that lost, there is not a single citizen who lost in the elections. Turkey woke up to a peaceful day today. All of our citizens won. This is the victory of the nation,and” he continued.
The ruling AK Party secured a stunning victory in Sundayand’s snap parliamentary election, sweeping back into single-party rule only five months after losing it.
With all of the ballots counted early on Monday, the preliminary results showed that the party won more than 49 percent of the votes. It was projected to get 317 seats in the 550-member parliament, restoring the partyand’s single-party majority that it had lost in a June election.


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