Democracy issue of the Islamists

Democracy issue of the IslamistsI am a Muslim, but I am not an Islamist. Islamism is a way of thinking and acting that describes Islam through a political and ideological identity against the West with a modern interpretation.

Islamism bears the faulty ground of rationalism and positivism Islamists see democracy from their own political perspectives and they see Islam from an Orientalist point of view. These neo-Salafists of our era have approached Islam with a puritan attitude, which is beyond “reinterpretation” and almost like “restructuring.

” Thus, the majority of Islamist movements are against Sufism and religious orders. Islamists have erected strong barriers between the Muslimness of the general public and theirs.

According to them, the many who live Islam without a political or activist stance are deviants. Even their history of Islam must have been experienced differently, according to them They even question the sunnah (example) and companions of Prophet Muhammad.

Islam has no problems with democracy, but the Islamists have a lot of problems with it. Political Islamism, focused on gaining political power, has unfortunately damaged the prestige of Islam, with many cases of corruption and greed, in the name of keeping power (GuLTEKIN AVCI, BUGuN.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman

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