DavutoIlu: Turkey ready to take part in anti-ISIL ground operation under a well-designed strategy

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoilu has said his country may also take part in a possible ground operation targeting the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) as part of what he called and”an integrated strategyand” by the US-led coalition.
and”[Sending] Ground forces is something we have to talk together [with coalition forces]. There is a need of an integrated strategy, including an air campaign and ground troops. But Turkey, alone, cannot take all this burden. If there is a collation and a very well-designed integrated strategy, Turkey is ready to take part in these efforts in all sense,and” Davutoilu said during an interview with CNN Internationalandrsquos Christiane Amanpour on Monday night.
Otherwise, Davutoilu continued, just making a ground operation against ISIL but continuing to have a power vacuum on the ground would lead to the emergence of another terrorist group in Syria instead of ISIL. and”We have to solve the Syrian crisis in a comprehensive manner,and” he added.
Recalling that Turkey has already been conducting aerial attacks targeting ISIL positions as part of the coalition, Davutoilu said: and”But, it is not enough.and”
When asked by Amanpour whether the precondition of Turkey to get more involved in the anti-ISIL efforts is an agreement by the coalition also against Syrian President Bashar Assad, Davutoilu said yes. and”Yes, and against all groups and regimes creating this [power] vacuum,and” he said.
Turkey vowed to take a more active role in combating ISIL in July, as part of a multi-pronged offensive which also saw them ramp up attacks on militants from the outlawed Kurdistan Workersand’ Party (PKK).
Since then, the Turkish military has primarily concentrated on hitting its old foe, the PKK, although Turkish airbases have also been used by US-led coalition jets to hit ISIL targets in northern Syria.
The Turkish government is pressing for a no-fly and buffer zone inside Syria to defend itself in the face of the clashes in the country, in order to prevent the conflict from spreading to its territory. These two demands have not been welcomed or approved by the US and European partners.


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