DavutoIlu: There are no losers in this election

Acting Prime Minister and Justice and Development Party (AK Party)hairman Ahmet Davutoilu held a rally to thank those who voted for his party in the Nov. 1 election, in which the AK Party regained the majority by winning 49 percent of the vote.
Speaking at the rally held at Istanbul Atatandurk Airport, Davutoilu said: and”There are no losers in this election. We have never excluded anyone and we never will. The winners of this election are 78 million [Turkish citizens].and”

span style=”font-size:12pxAn AK Party supporter (C) wearing a homemade AK Party costume attends Tuesdayand’s rally in Istanbul.
When asked how President Recep Tayyip Erdogan feels about the election victory, Davutoilu said he had just met with the president and that he also feels enthusiastic about the AK Party regaining the parliamentary majority. and”I send my compliments to our president who started the AK Party revolution. I have just spoken to him and he sends his regards to all of you and he feels enthusiastic about [the AK Partyand’s victory].
Davutoilu thanked those who voted for his party, saying: and”After allowing us to hold the majority in Parliament for 13 years, [Turkish] people again have showed us with 49 percent of the votes that they still have confidence in us. We thank our nation [for their confidence]. On the night of the general election, reporters asked the reason for the increase in our votes. I told them that thereand’s only one reason for it: [our] sincerity. Our nation has realized who loves this country dearly.and”
Stating that he has been to Konya and Ankara, the prime minister added: and”Istanbul is the center of our identity, history, civilization and our politics. People in Ankara and Konya, the land of the revered [Turkish Sufi figure] Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi, we salute you.and”


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