Curfew in Silvan lifted after 12 days

A curfew that had been in place for the past 12 days in the southeastern town of Silvan was lifted as of Saturday, authorities said.
In a statement, Diyarbakir Governorandrsquos Office said the curfew was lifted as of 2 p.m. (11 a.m. GMT) after trenches dug up by members of the Separatist Terrorist Organization — a reference to the Kurdistan Workersandrsquo Party (PKK) — had been filled and peace had been restored in the town.
The Governorandrsquos Office said the authorities assess that up to 15 PKK militants were killed during a security operation that was launched along with the curfew on Nov. 3 to fill the trenches and remove barricades set up by the militants in several neighborhoods of the town.
Two civilians and three members of the security forces were also killed during clashes between the security forces and the terrorists, the statement also said.
22 people were detained during the security operation, the statement said, adding that 20 of them were released while one was arrested and another one still remains in police custody.
The 12-day curfew has drawn widespread criticism from opposition politicians, especially from the pro-Kurdish Peoplesandrsquo Democratic Party (HDP), and rights groups, who said the civilians had suffered immensely under the curfew.
The Governorandrsquos Office said the Silvan District Governorandrsquos Office had provided food and helped the families in need of a shelter during the curfew.
Authorities have declared temporary curfew in several towns across the southeastern Anatolia as the fight against the PKK has been expanded to include militants in urban areas.
On Friday, a curfew was declared in Nusaybin, a district in the southeastern town of Mardin.


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