Curfew ends up in southeastern Turkey

The curfew, which was ongoing for 13 days, ended up in the southeastern district of Mardin’s Nusaybin on Thursday. On the contrary, police units closed the entrances of streets to the traffic at four neighborhoods, only the pedestrians were allowed.

According to the claims of the local residents, some houses and the house yards were destroyed by the police. Police closed to entrances of streets and boulevards, located in Abdulkadirpasa neighborhood.

A woman said that she was in her house during the curfew, but her children were not, and she said, “They [police] broke the wall, and threw my staff out. When I reacted to them, they stopped. They looked everywhere. This is oppression this is not justice! We suffered from starving and we got thirst, we got cold,” in her Kurdish speech.


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