Curfew declared in southeastern town of Nusaybin

Turkey currently has no plan for a ground operation in neighboring Syria or Iraq but will take every measure to protect its security, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoilu said on Friday.
and”There has been no preparation at the moment for a ground operation in Iraq or Syria. One should not have such an expectation [for a ground operation] in such a short period of time,and” Davutoilu told reporters in Ankara, suggesting that Turkey could be involved in a ground incursion if it is part of a coordinated action with the international community.
and”The international community must definitely find a solution to the crisis in Syria. If a need arises for an action, Turkey will do its share together with the international community,and” he said.
He emphasized, however, that Turkey will not hesitate to take action if it is faced with a threat. and”Right now, there is no such situation in regards to Syria. If such a need arises, we already have every preparations and measures in place,and” he said.


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