Court rejects Zarrab’s request for CHP leader to pay damages

Judge Zeki Ayhan ruled on Thursday against Zarrab’s request for damages based on the accusation that Kılıcdaroglu had insulted him.

Zarrab’s lawyers filed a complaint against Kılıcdaroglu on the grounds that Kılıcdaroglu had insulted Zarrab during the CHP parliamentary group meeting of July 8, 2014. During a speech given last July, Kılıcdaroglu claimed that Zarrab had bribed then-Economy Minister Zafer Caglayan, Interior Minister Muammer Guler and some customs officials as part of alleged illegal gold smuggling activity.

In the complaint petition, Zarrab’s lawyer, Ayten Hicyılmaz, pointed out that Zarrab had won an earlier insult case against Kılıcdaroglu.

The İstanbul 24th Civil Court of First Instance on Sept. 16 ruled that Kılıcdaroglu should compensate Zarrab for remarks about the Iranian businessman.

Kılıcdaroglu had called Zarrab a “scammer” and was critical of a Turkish flag having been placed behind him while Zarrab spoke on a TV program broadcast on April 22, 2014. “A scammer should not be portrayed as legitimate by placing a Turkish flag behind him,” Kılıcdaroglu said.

Zarrab, accused of being the ringleader of a money laundering and gold smuggling ring in Turkey established to dodge sanctions against Iran, was among 21 people — including the sons of three former ministers, a district mayor and other high-profile figures — who were detained as part of a police corruption and bribery operation on Dec. 17, 2013. He was later released.

The corruption investigation was later closed by the government. New prosecutors were appointed, who decided on non-prosecution in the case in October 2014.

When opposition Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) leader Devlet Bahceli called Zarrab a “swindler” last year, Zarrab launched also legal action against Bahceli, but later withdrew the lawsuit after Bahceli asked the court for documents showing the link between Zarrab and Babak Zanjani, another Iranian businessman facing legal action in Iran on charges of corruption in an ongoing graft probe in that country.


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