Court reduces jail term for woman’s murderer on grounds of ’excessive love’

A Turkish court has decided to punish a man who murdered a TRT station singer after she rejected his marriage proposal in 2014 with a life sentence instead of an aggravated life sentence, on grounds that the killer stabbed the singer because of his and”passionate love.and”
Orhan Munis stabbed 33-year-old singer Hatice Kaandcmaz 16 times in an Ankara park in September of last year. Police opened an investigation and soon arrested Munis after using local security cameras and witness statements to identify him.
According to the manand’s statement, Kaandcmaz had rejected his marriage proposal. He went to speak with her and claims that he lost control of himself. Munis had previously spent time in prison for battery.
Even though an aggravated life sentence was originally sought, Ankaraand’s 1st High Criminal Court decided to punish Munis with a life sentence on Nov. 9. The Ankara court came to the conclusion that the murder of the singer could not be considered and”deliberate homicideand” as and”the murderer acted under the influence of sentimentalism and rage that was derived from excessive love and passion.and”
Singer Kaandcmaz had lost her husband three years previously in a car crash, leaving her a single mother of a young daughter. To earn money, she took to singing at weddings and other events. She would also appear on TRT and sing folk songs.


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