Council of State ruling paves way for contract teachers to claim employee rights

The Council of State has unanimously ruled that teachers hired on a temporary contract basis have the same employee rights as teachers with permanent positions on the government payroll, in a move to resolve the long-standing problems of thousands of public school teachers working on temporary contracts, regarding severance pay and annual leave.
The 12th Chamber of the Council of State ruled on Thursday that the starting date of Sedat Deier, a teacher who recently took permanent status on the government payroll after working on a temporary contract for almost four years, will be taken as the beginning of his temporary contract. In other words, the four-year period that Deier spent on a temporary contract was accepted as part of his service in a permanent position.
Speaking to Todayand’s Zaman on Friday, Deier stated that this decision is unique in the sense that the chamber made clear that the years he worked on temporary contracts were equal to those on permanent contract.
and”Taking this decision as their base, thousands of teachers who work on temporary contracts across Turkey can now apply to courts and request their personal employee rights. Until now, they were forced to work as subcontractors and thereby lacked fundamental rights, but this is no longer the case. This is because the court officially accepted that the years spent on temporary contracts are no different to those on permanent ones,and” Deier stated.
Deier started to work as a science teacher in February 2011 on a temporary contract and was later hired in a permanent position on the government payroll in 2015.
The number of public-school teachers working on a temporary contract basis is around 65,000.
Data from the Labor Ministry show that the state employs around 600,000 temporary workers, who earn lower salaries than workers on long-term contracts. The government has been criticized for ignoring this problem and instead focusing on closing prep schools, andquotdershanesandquot in Turkish.
Known in Turkey as the and”taieronand” system, a rough equivalent to temp agencies in Western countries, subcontracting has become the countryand’s most popular method of employment in the construction, and custodial industries. Temporary teachers are not assigned to permanent positions on the government payroll. These teachers earn only one-third of a public school teacherand’s normal monthly salary and have no guarantee that theyand’ll keep their jobs from one semester to another.
The government estimates that Turkish temping agencies hired around 1.7 million people in 2014, up from less than 400,000 in 2002, the year the Justice and Development Party (AK Party)ame to power. The taieron system grew out of the governmentand’s efforts to provide more workers with health insurance and pay above the minimum wage. The taieron system is popular because firms can hire workers for a very short time, avoiding paying for benefits and raises or dealing with unions.


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