Constitutional Court chairman: Azerbaijan’s development based on Constitution

Baku: The Constitution of Azerbaijan justifies itself as a fundamental law. Today, Azerbaijan’s development is based on the Constitution,” Farhad Abdullayev, the chairman of the Constitutional Court of Azerbaijan, said at the 13th International Conference of Ombudsmen in Baku.

He said that Azerbaijan’s reputation as a civil democratic and secular state in the international arena in terms of domestic and foreign policy shows that the Constitution is an advanced and valuable document.

“We have established a legal and democratic state in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is showing itself as a decent partner in all spheres. We are taking part in all large-scale projects, hosting influential events. We have a very successful and versatile Constitution,” he said.

Abdullayev went on to add that the adoption of Azerbaijan’s Constitution is a historical and remarkable event.

“Today is a national holiday. The first Constitution of independent Azerbaijan was adopted in the referendum 20 years ago. I think that the most significant achievements that independent Azerbaijan gained, is the adoption of the Constitution”, he said.

Azerbaijan’s Constitution was amended twice, which were related to the expansion of human rights and freedoms, he said.

“Today we have very close relations with the Ombudsman institution. There are several legal, social, crime-related, civil procedure decisions that we took upon the request of the Ombudsman. This cooperation should be continued. The activity of the Ombudsman is positive enough. It takes a very active position among citizens and government”, Abdullayev said.


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