Constitutional Court approves parliamentary election results

By: Amina Nazarli

The Constitutional Court of Azerbaijan has approved the results of the election to the 5th convocation of the Parliament held on November 1.

The Constitutional Court held a special meeting on the results of verification of documents, presented by the Central Election Commission, and approval of the parliamentary election results on November 24.

The Parliament of the fifth convocation includes representatives of 10 political parties. These are 69 members of the New Azerbaijan Party, two members of the Civil Unity Party, while 8 political parties won one parliamentary seat each. The rest 44 people received mandates as independent MPs.

The newly-approved MPs will today hold first session of the parliament to elect a speaker and deputies to the speaker. The MPs also will elect chairmen and vice-chairmen of committees.

The parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan were transparent and democratic, and no complaint has been reported by local and international observers, said CEC Chairman Mazahir Panahov at the session of the Plenum of the Constitutional Court of Azerbaijan.

Panahov said the nomination and registration of candidates was carried out in accordance with the Electoral Code, adding that 767 candidates took part in the election.

The Central Election Commission took all measures to hold transparent and democratic election, he added.

The voter turnout in the parliamentary election was 55.7 percent. Over 2.89 million voters participated in the election, which is 6 percent more than in the previous elections.

If in 2010 the Parliament involved 20 women, then this year their number reached 21. The youngest member of the Parliamentary has become 29-year-old parliamentarian from the New Azerbaijan Party, while the oldest one is 79-year-old female parliamentarian.


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