Constant gunshots heard from Silvan, where 6 killed under weeklong curfew

Gunshots are being heard constantly from Silvan, Diyarbakir province, due to ongoing clashes between the terrorist Kurdistan Workersand’ Party (PKK) and Turkish security forces in the tense city, where six people were killed during a curfew that has been in place since Nov. 2.
A 20-year-old man was killed during clashes late on Monday. With the death of this civilian, Yakup Sinbai, the death toll in the Silvan clashes has risen to six since the curfew was imposed.
A taxi driver, 45-year-old Mehmet Gandundanduz, was also killed and five others were injured during clashes that took place earlier on Monday.
Prior to Mondayand’s violence, four civilians and a police officer had been killed in fighting between security forces and members of the Patriotic Revolutionist Youth Movement (YDG-H), an affiliate of the terrorist PKK, since the start of the curfew.
Local residents are suffering from a lack of food and water because of the days-long curfew and continuing violence.
Speaking to the Cihan news agency, pro-Kurdish Peoplesand’ Democratic Party (HDP) deputy Sibel Yiiitalp said this is the sixth time that a curfew has been imposed in Silvan, adding that the Turkish security forces are attacking residential areas via tanks and artillery fire. and”We cannot get any information from the people living there. We are concerned about their lives. They cannot even meet their basic needs under the curfew. There is no power and clean water,and” Yiiitalp said.
HDP deputy Ziya Pir also claimed an official from the Interior Ministry told them the security forces and”will erase three Silvan neighborhoods from the map.and”
Speaking to the Evrensel daily, Pir said the security forces are using heavy weapons in Silvan, adding that many houses were destroyed completely in the three neighborhoods — Mescit, Tekel and Konak — that have been under curfew since Nov. 2.
Another deputy from the HDP, andcailar Demirel, also claimed that police vehicles opened fire on a cafe in Silvan, adding that they have the license plates of those vehicles that opened fire as evidence.
and”You can be killed while drinking tea or while going to buy bread by snipers or police vehicles in Silvan,and” Demirel said, adding that the death toll might be much higher than six because they cannot obtain sufficient information about the neighborhoods under the curfew.
Ever since a suicide bombing in Suruandc, ianliurfa province, killed 33 activists and injured 100 more on July 20, clashes involving the PKK have grown in number. Two police officers were executed by PKK members on July 22 in retaliation for the Turkish authoritiesand’ perceived failure to prevent the Suruandc attack. The violence and PKK-led attacks further escalated when Turkey carried out airstrikes on PKK bases in neighboring northern Iraq.
The violence has effectively shelved a settlement process with the PKK that began in late 2012 and the accompanying cease-fire. More than 150 members of the security forces have been killed in the conflict with the PKK or in attacks committed by the terrorist group since violence resumed in late July.


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