Conflicts in S Caucasia must be resolved within countries’ territorial integrity

TIFLIS (CIHAN)- The conflicts in the South Caucasus must be resolved as part of the territorial integrity of the countries, Turkish President Abdullah Gul said at a press conference in Tbilisi on Tuesday following the summit with the presidents of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia, Trend’s correspondent reported on May 6.

The Turkish president also stressed that along with regional issues, global issues were also discussed during the tripartite meeting.

“We reiterated our support for the territorial integrity of Georgia and Azerbaijan,” President Gul said. “We stressed the importance of resolving the regional conflicts as part of peace and territorial integrity.”

The president added that the Ukrainian crisis was also discussed during the meeting.

“We have common opinion that the Ukrainian political crisis will have an impact on peace and stability in our region,” the president said. “We stand for the settlement of the political crisis in Ukraine as part of the territorial integrity and international law.”

“Turkey is closely monitoring the status of the Crimean Tatars,” he added.

As for the projects implemented jointly by Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey, he stressed that these projects play an important role in the development and stability of the region.

“Being a major energy project, TANAP increases the importance of the region,” Gul added.

“The main purpose is for these projects to serve the economic prosperity of the region,” he added.


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