CoE Sec. Gen. tours ASAN Service center in Baku

Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjørn Jagland has visited the 4th ASAN Service Center in Baku.

The Secretary General was informed that the new center will offer services to some 407,700 people registered in the Sabunchu, Khazar and Pirallahi districts of Baku, AzerTag State News Agency reported.

A total of ten state agencies offer about 30 types of services at the Center.

Jagland was also informed that the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of Azerbaijan (ASAN) has been established by the Decree of the President of Azerbaijan in 2012.

The State Agency is the central body of executive power that, according to its direction of activities, will carry out the unified management of the “ASAN” service centers, coordinate the functions of the employees of the state agencies to act at those centers, hold control and provide assessment, carry out the mutual integration of databases of state agencies, accelerate the organization of electronic services and improve the management system in this area.

It carries out the following for the purpose of electronic arrangement and improvement of services rendered by state agencies. Once the network is fully established in all regions of the country, every citizen will be able to apply to any ASAN service center, regardless of the place of registration.

The ASAN service centers offer banking and insurance services, and legal aid. There is a translation center, a lab, a medical service, internet cafes, post offices, and photo studios in the centers.

The centers render access to 25 services that are provided by nine state entities without extra expenses and loss of time.

In addition, ASAN offers 22 auxiliary services, including opening bank accounts, currency exchange, banking services for payments of state fees and penalties, real estate and car insurance, legal advice, medical services, and translation services.


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