CMO Deputy Chairman: “Let our youth open their eyes, not go provocation”

Baku: “We are still in shock of incidents occurred in Nardaran yesterday. Of course, this is an incident not accepted by clergies. We experience heartache when our youth act so”, Deputy Chairman of Caucasus Muslims Office Haji Salman Musayev said.

Reminding the statement made by the CMO on incidents occurred in Nardaran, Musayev noted that spreading of some alien movements to our country leads to such incidents: “Let our youth open their eyes, not go provocation. Such movements are not based on anything. Those directing the youth will not support them. I call on our youth not to be an instrument on the hands of strange elements. The religion is separate from state in Azerbaijan and the religion must not interfere in the state policy. Azerbaijan is an example for many countries, we must not forget it”.


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