Classical cars draw great attraction

Jointly organized by Turkey Classical Car Club and Osmangazi Rotary Club classical car tour drew great attraction by the people in western Turkish province of Bursa on Saturday.

The tour, in which many precious classical cars participated from all over Turkey, held in Korupark as part of ‘week of commemoration of Ataturk’, attracted huge attention among classical car fans, who flocked to activity to see the gorgeous cars. During the activity, fans took many selfie photos with cars. Reportedly, the income of the organization will be granted Mudanya State Hospital Child Clinic to buy hearing test devices to newborn babies.

Attending the activity with his 1998 model of Marcos Mantis car Murat İspir stated that the car was one of the 51 in the world and it was also the one in Turkey. Also the owner of 1972 model Cadillac, which has not any other copy in Turkey, Mehmet Huzmen pointed out his passion of vintage car. 1920 model fire vehicle of Murat Ahman was one of the most stunning cars in the tour.

Term Chairman of Osmangazi Rotary Club Erol Kilikcier held an explanation concerning the organization and said that you know that the automotive sector was the lion share of Turkish export last year.

“We want to make people to love the sport with this activity,” noted Kilikcier.

Reminding that they are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the club, Chairman of Classical Car Club Aydin Harezi said they are holding the 6th of this activity. “I hope we will hold the 25th of it in the future,” stated also Harezi.

Along with the Term Chairman Kilikcier, Bursa Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe gave the started signal of the tour.


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