City fans have right to protest UEFA, says Pellegrini

German police raided the Frankfurt headquarters of Germanyand’s DFB football association on Tuesday and searched the private homes of officials on suspicion of tax evasion linked to the awarding of the 2006 World Cup, prosecutors said.
andquotProsecutors in Frankfurt have opened investigations on suspicion of serious tax evasion linked to the awarding of the football championship in 2006 and the transfer of 6.7 million euros of the organizing committee for the German Football Association (DFB) to the FIFA football association,ntand’s actions through lies.
Kaplan caused a public outcry when video footage, that was taken before a live interview with President Erdogan earlier this year, emerged last month featuring Kaplan urging deputies from the AK Party government to adopt a harsher stance against the faith-based Gandulen movement and remove the TV channels that are linked to the movement from the state-owned Turkish Satellite Communications Company (Tandurksat).
President Erdogan blames the movement for instigating the massive corruption scandals that were probes revealed on Dec. 17 and Dec. 25, 2013, which implicated ministers in his government and even some of his family members.
Another of the Young Civilians founders, Ceren Kenar, also works as a columnist in a pro-government newspaper, the Tandurkiye daily. Kenar was known for her coordinator role in andquotThe World is Bigger than Fiveandquot project launched by the Young Civilians, which refers to the five nations holding permanent membership in the UN Security Council. Kenar is known to have paid $62,000 to a lobbying company for the promotion of this project abroad. It later turned out that she got this money from the Ministry of Youth and Sports.
Mehmet Algan was another activist among the founders of the Young Civilians. He used to be a spokesperson for andquotThe World is Bigger than Fiveandquot project. Algan was nominated as a deputy from the AK Party ranks in Hatay province for the June 7 general election but was not elected to Parliament. He was not nominated for the snap election held on Nov. 1.
Muhammet Bilal Macit, another founder of the Young Civilians, was elected to Parliament in the 2011 general election as an AK Party deputy. He is the youngest person to have entered Parliament in the history of the Turkish Republic.
h2 Alternative group establishedh2 The Young Civilians groupand’s diversion from its pro-democracy stance into a government mouthpiece has prompted some of the group members to establish an alternative civil society organization under the name andquotReal Young Civilians.andquot
A founder of the Real Young Civilians, Yiiit Akbulut, explained why he and some of his friends felt the need to part ways with the Young Civilians and establish a different group.
andquotThe Young Civilians has turned into a statist mechanism it is no longer a civil society organization. Along with other founding members, such as Manduandcteba Kiliandc and Hayri inci, and many friends I have left the group. We have parted ways with the Young Civilians because it has lost its civilian characteristic and turned into a state mechanism. It has nothing to do with being a civil society organization. The groupand’s indifference to human rights, to environmental issues, to anti-democratic developments in the country, as well as the Dec. 17-25 corruption probes, have played a crucial role in our parting of ways,andquot Akbulut said, adding that the Young Civilians is now working more like the youth branch of the AK Party.
Real Young Civilians, established by Akbulut and his friend, is currently an online group with around 2,500 members.


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