Cihan once again emerges as top source of accurate election results

As people went to cast their votes on Sunday in one of Turkeyand’s most crucial elections, the Cihan news agency once again emerged as the primary source of accurate election results, adding to its success of the last 13 years.
Shortly after the polls closed at 5 p.m. on Sunday, TV channels began to announce the election results, some of them using Cihan as their primary source while others referred to the state-run Anadolu news agency.
When about 30 percent of the votes had been counted, the pro-government Anadolu was reporting that the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) had thus far captured more than 58 percent, giving it 326 seats in Parliament. However, Cihan at the time was reporting that the AK Party had won around 51 percent of the counted vote.
As the percentage of votes counted increased, Anadoluand’s manipulation favoring the ruling party started to fade. When almost all the ballots were tallied at around 11 p.m., Anadolu reported 49.48 percent of the vote for the AK Party, while Cihan had been reporting a figure close to this almost from the beginning of the evening.
Speaking to colleagues at the Cihan news agencyand’s headquarters in Istanbul, Deputy General Manager Hakan ince thanked those who played an active role in the field to report the counted votes back to the headquarters. and”They [Cihan people in the field] quickly sent the data, and we shared the results with our subscribers. [Our] subscribers and the public who again trusted Cihan had the accurate results. Cihanand’s credibility has once again been confirmed based on the results it shared from the ballot box,and” ince said.
Since the parliamentary election in 2002, Cihan has reported results in 10 elections, for most of which the privately owned news agency was the primary source of accurate result reporting. A large number of TV channels, dailies and Internet sites subscribe to Cihanand’s reporting of the election results that most of the time matches the official results of the Supreme Election Board (YSK).
Most recently for the June 7 parliamentary election, Cihan was preferred over Anadolu, which was accused of reporting somewhat higher results favoring the AK Party. The Cihan news agency on that day reported a result that was very similar to that of the official results despite cyber-attacks conducted against the agency, allegedly by AK Party sympathizers.
Similarly for the presidential election on Aug. 10, 2014, the Cihan news agency reported the same result as announced by the YSK a day later. In that election in which current President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Ekmeleddin ihsanoilu and Selahattin Demirtai were running for president, Cihan reported Erdogan had obtained 51.79 percent of the vote, while the official results announced by the YSK on Aug. 11 were 51.8 percent.


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