CHP’s Istanbul lawmaker, Mevlut AslanoIlu, dies at age 62

ISTANBUL (CIHAN)- Istanbul lawmaker of the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) Mevlut AslanoIlu, known for his colorful protests in the Parliament, died early on Friday. He was 62.

Family of AslanoIlu called an ambulance when they realized that the CHP deputy was undergoing a heart attack while he was asleep in his house in DenizkIkler neighborhood of Istanbul’s AvcIlar district. AslanoIlu was taken to Private AvcIlar Hospital, but he died before he arrived at the hospital.

CHP deputy Suleyman elebi, AvcIlar Mayor Handan Toprak, former CHP lawmaker Mehmet Sevigen and his relatives rushed to the hospital as they heard the death of AslanoIlu.

Toprak told reporters in the hospital that doctors who came with the ambulance realize that he was dead and try to bring him back to life in the ambulance. Toprak added that doctors could briefly revive his heart in the hospital, but later he didn’t respond to doctors’ efforts.

Toprak said AslanoIlu was very hard-working deputy and that he participated in many of the municipality’s activities. He said his day was very busy on Thursday and that he was very saddened over events in Soma. “We are very sad,” Toprak said. “We lost an elder brother.”

AslanoIlu’s funeral prayer will take place in Ataky 5th Segment Mosque on Saturday.

The CHP deputy was born on Feb. 1, 1952 in Malatya and graduated from Marmara University Economic and Trade Sciences Faculty. He previously worked in different positions in Garanti and Alternatif banks. AslanoIlu was twice elected to Parliament from Malatya and once from Istanbul. He was married and father of two.


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