CHP submits parliamentary inquiry concerning thousands of unemployed teachers

Yarkadas submitted the inquiry to the Parliament Speaker’s Office, requesting that Education Minister Nabi Avcı respond with written answers to his questions.

The deputy’s questions include: “How many teachers does the Education Ministry need for the upcoming school year? What is the Education Ministry doing to find solutions for unemployed teachers? Is hiring teachers on a temporary contract, instead of giving them a permanent position, the most efficient way to solve the problem of teacher shortages? How many teachers is the Education Ministry planning to employ in 2016?”

The number of unassigned teachers in Turkey has increased by 270,000 over a period of 10 years to approximately 330,000. Tens of thousands of teachers are waiting to be appointed by the Ministry of Education; many object to temporary service contracts and demand permanent appointments.

On Sept. 15 the Education Ministry appointed 37,000 teachers in a ceremony at the Ministry of Education building in Ankara, with the education minister in attendance.

Avcı gave a speech during the ceremony to congratulate those who had been appointed and wished them many happy and successful years of teaching. Admitting that most applicants, despite their adequate qualifications, had not been given posts, Avcı said the ministry was working on ways to employ more teachers. Educators strongly criticized the fact that only 37,000 of 330,000 candidates were appointed.

According to Union of Active Educators (Aktif Egitim-Sen) President Kamuran Karaca, if the number of teachers appointed was doubled, there would still be a shortage, as the country needs 150,000 teachers. He said the ministry will seek to make up the difference by appointing teachers on contracts for shorter periods of time and on lower salaries.


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