CHP dissidents fail to collect 601 signatures for congress, reach only 500

The opposition movement, headed by Yalova CHP deputy Muharrem İnce, failed to win the support of enough delegates to hold an extraordinary party congress with the goal of unseating the current CHP leader, Kemal Kılıcdaroglu.

Although under the leadership of Kılıcdaroglu, the CHP increased the number of its seats in Parliament from 133 to 135 in the Nov. 1 snap election, İnce and a group of dissidents apparently agreed that Kılıcdaroglu was responsible for the CHP not being able to garner more votes against the Justice and Development Party (AK Party), which increased its vote share, as well as the number of its parliamentary seats from 258 to 317.

Speaking to a group of journalists on Tuesday, İnce stated that 500 delegates had signed a petition asking for an extraordinary congress being held as soon as possible and that this alone marks the existence of a serious problem with regard to the CHP leadership.

“Previous extraordinary congresses were held after my request to do so. However, those [in reference to Kılıcdaroglu] who recognized the necessity of an extraordinary congress upon my remarks of that day now refuse to go to an extraordinary congress, despite of the signatures of 500 delegates,” İnce commented.

İnce also stated that he is concerned about the country’s future and that he is not in pursuit of a post or personal interests, saying, “My concern is our children and to create hope for Turkey’s future. I, with the support of others in the CHP, am seeking change within the CHP. Turkey needs the CHP and the CHP needs a radical change.”

Like İnce, former CHP deputy Umut Oran also called on Kılıcdaroglu to clear the way for an extraordinary congress without delay.

Oran had previously announced he would run for party chairman at the party’s upcoming congress, adding, “All the psychological barriers have been demolished regarding the collection of signatures [from delegates].”

Oran was a CHP deputy before the general election on June 7, but was not listed on the CHP ticket as a deputy candidate in the last two general elections. As per the party’s bylaws, candidates need the support of more than half of the delegates for an extraordinary congress to be held in which an election for party chairman can be made to be held.


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