CHP deputy submits parliamentary questions over police raid on Zaman media

Main opposition Republican Peopleand’s Party (CHP) Deputy Chairman Sezgin Tanrikulu has submitted a parliamentary question to be answered by Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoilu over the police raid carried out on Zaman daily headquarters late on Wednesday.
As Zaman, Turkeyand’s best-selling newspaper, was preparing to finalize its Thursday issue, dozens of riot police and water cannon vehicles gathered outside the newspaperand’s headquarters in Istanbuland’s Yenibosna neighborhood late on Wednesday with the court decision to pick up three copies of the andOzgandur Bugandun daily, which was launched after trustees were appointed to the Bugandun dailyand’s administration in a controversial decision, after claims that it is being printed by a printing press belonging to the Zaman daily.
Although police were expected to search only the printing area of the daily based on a court decision in this regard, they returned to the building after an andquotanonymous callandquot and searched the newsrooms of Zaman, Todayand’s Zaman and the Aksiyon weekly, according to lawyers representing the daily.
Among the questions Tanrikulu asked in Parliament were: and”Why did the police also raid the newsrooms of Zaman, Todayand’s Zaman dailies and the Aksiyon weekly? Do you not aim to suppress what is seen as opposition media by sending a number of police officers and water cannons to Zaman daily headquarters in the Yenibosna neighborhood? Are claims that this police raid was a rehearsal for an upcoming attempt to seize the Zaman daily true? Are claims that Zaman daily and other critical media organs will also be raided by the police, and that a trustee will also be appointed to them also true? If they are, will we proceed to a system of media where nobody has the fight to criticize the government?and”
Speaking to Cihan news agency on Thursday, CHP izmir Deputy Aytun andciray criticized the raid, saying that the government, which hasnand’t cared about the law much until now, will not care about it at all now, after regaining its parliamentary majority in the Nov. 1 general election. and”These are tragic and upsetting events, however, they are not unexpected ones [in light of the Nov. 1 election results],and” andciray said, adding that the government aims to restrict freedom of information.
Another CHP deputy, Barii Yarkadai, told Todayand’s Zaman: and”Itand’s unlawful for the police officers to raid the printing house of the Zaman daily over claims that the andOzgandur Bugandun daily is being printed there. andhellip This is an attempt at oppressing, silencing and intimidating [critical media organs]. Itand’s also a rehearsal for a plan targeting the Zaman daily, which aims at measuring the possible public reaction against it. andhellip This is an obvious violation of the Constitution. Everybody must oppose this police raid by calling on the government to abide the law.
CHP Istanbul deputy Eren Erdem also spoke to Todayand’s Zaman, emphasizing that the police raid on the Zaman dailyand’s headquarters is a mafia-like method to destroy a newspaper. and”Itand’s unacceptable for police officers to raid newsrooms of some dailies and weeklies [along with the printing house of the Zaman daily]. There must be an attempt to claim the violated democratic rights back. We, as CHP deputies, will do anything we can. This raid is a blackmail to terrorize and intimidate a [critical] media organ. It shouldnand’t be given credit. This is an unlawful practice and one must do whatand’s necessary [to fix it].
Also speaking to Todayand’s Zaman, another CHP Istanbul deputy, Mahmut Tanal, criticized the raid, saying that journalists are no longer safe in Turkey. and”In an oppressive regime, itand’s compulsory to obey the government unquestioningly. This regime aims at terrorizing the public. I condemn the police raid targeting the Zaman daily headquarters,and” Tanal said.


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