CHP deputy Erdem: Gov’t plans to seize press cards of critical journalists

Main opposition Republican Peopleand’s Party (CHP) deputy Eren Erdem said in a written statement on Friday that the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government is planning to seize the press cards of journalists critical of the administration.
Speaking of the renewal of press cards by the Prime Ministryand’s Directorate General of Press and Information (BYEGM), Erdem said, and”It is a cause for concern that the AK Party, which has drawn swords against opposition media, will not renew the press cards of impartial journalists.and”
and”They [the government] are planning on seizing the press cards on which they [the government] have spilt blood,and” he wrote, in reference to the rough physical treatment experienced by some journalists of the ipek Media Group at the hands of police who entered the Bugandun dailyand’s headquarters to escort new government-backed management trustees into the building last month.
Erdem, who is a member of the CHPand’s commission to monitor the pressure on the media, drew attention to the oppression of journalists by stating that the government is administering an ever-greater dosage of pressure.
He said the BYEGM, in a bid to seize the cards, is trying to renew the press cards of journalists despite it being before the specified date for renewal. Erdem criticized the AK Party government, saying they have created a and”media army full of hitmen.and”
In January, the BYEGM made a highly controversial decision to block a number of journalists from acquiring permanent press cards during a meeting in December.
Although the Press Card Commission, which is assigned to assess a journalistand’s eligibility to obtain a press card, authorized the issuance of press cards for 208 new applicants, the directorate declined to award cards to a number of journalists applying to extend the validity of cards already in their possession.
According to the Turkish Press Law, journalists who complete 20 years of service become eligible for permanent press cards.
Among the journalists who were denied a press card were former Zam The hemorrhage occurred on the same day that Turkish riot police stormed the headquarters of critical media outlets affiliated with Koza ipek Holding in Istanbul shortly after dawn on Oct. 28, with journalists from the paper making futile efforts to prevent them from entering into the building. He was being treated at a private hospital in Ankara where he died on Friday.
According to an announcement from his doctors, Hasiroilu died of a brain hemorrhage that could have been caused by stress.
The management of the 22 companies under Koza ipek Holding has been under administrative receivership since Oct. 28, when an Ankara court ruled that the conglomerate was suspected of financing and”terrorism.and”
On Oct. 26 the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutorand’s Office ordered Koza ipek Holding to be placed under the management of a trustee panel while an investigation continues into the groupand’s purported ties to US-based Islamic scholar Fethullah Gandulen, who is currently wanted for and”being the head of and managing a terror organization.and”
On the same day of the raid in Istanbul, municipal police from Ankaraand’s GandOlbaii Municipality went to the home of the ipek family to demolish part of the house, on grounds that it was constructed without a building permit. Hasiroilu was reportedly involved in a quarrel with police at the ipek home and suffered a brain hemorrhage later that same day.
The Ankara-based Koza ipek Holding is active in several sectors, including media, energy and mining.


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