Chechen shot dead by assailants in Istanbul

Vahit Tarzayi Vazalina, a 31-year-old Chechen man, was shot and killed by two assailants in Istanbuland’s Baiakiehir district at around 1 p.m. on Sunday.
Turkey has a large ethnic Chechen community and hundreds of people fleeing fighting in Chechnya, a restive region in Russiaand’s North Caucasus, have sought refug.
According to the Cihan news agency, Vazalina was living in Baiakiehir with his family. He was shot in the head in front of his house by two assailants who later escaped. Medical personnel later pronounced Vazalina dead and his body was sent to the Istanbul Council of Forensic Medicine (ATK) for an autopsy.
Police officers have launched an investigation into the incident and are still searching for the assailants.
At least six other Chechens have been killed in attacks in Turkey since 2008.
In September 2011, Chechens Berg Khazh Musavei, Rustam Altemirol and Zarvbek Amriev were killed in an armed attack in broad daylight in Istanbuland’s Zeytinburnu district when 11 bullets were fired from a pistol fitted with a silencer. The Cihan news agency reported that the attacker or attackers fled the scene of the incident in a black car.
Chechen groups have blamed Russian intelligence for the killings, although police suspect at least one of the deaths was linked to a dispute among Chechens over the distribution of collected aid.
Soon after the attacks, dozens of protesters, including Chechens and members of Turkish pro-Islamic groups, marched toward the Russian Consulate General in Istanbul to denounce the killings.
The murders were followed by severe criticism of the Turkish state by Chechens for its inability to protect the Chechen community.


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