Car passing in red light crushed by lorry

A car passed in red light crushed by the lorry in southern Turkish province of Adana’s Kozan district on Friday leaving two wounded. The incident was recorded by surveillance cameras.

The accident took place in Sanayi Sitesi junction on Kozan-Adana highway. The car with the 34 ZS 9275 plate number driven by the Halil İbrahin Onder crashed to 01 RD 122 plate number semi-trailer truck driven by Mujdat Mutlu while heading from Kozan to Adana. With the impact of the crash, the car got under the semi-triler truck and turned wreckage. Onder and an unidentified man, sitting in his car were injured during the accident. Onder and the man, who were taken to the Kozan State Hospital by 112 emergency units, are to be reported that they are not in critical condition. The people, who flocked at scene as soon as they noticed the accident, said that many accidents had occurred before on scene but the officials have not taken any precaution.

Meanwhile, the road, which was closed to traffic due to the accident, was opened to traffic after the removal of the wreckage.


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