Car catches on fire as moving turned into a wreckage

A car was caught on fire while moving on its way in Zeytinburnu district of Istanbul. Two people, who were in the vehicle at the time of the event managed to get off from the car which turned into fire ball in short time. Fire, which gutted the vehicle was put off by the intervention of the fire brigade teams made car became unusable.

The incident took place on the Vatan Street at 18:30 on Monday. Reportedly, the car was moving en- route to Aksaray during the event. As soon as the driver realized the smokes, he tried to park his car to breakdown lane. Along with the driver, another people immediately got off from the car when they realized the flames began to invade the vehicle.

Acting on a tipp off, police and fire brigade teams were dispatched at the scene. Meanwhile, Vatan Street was closed to the traffic on the direction to Aksaray, traffic flow was ensured in a controlled manner and the fire was prevented to scattered another vehicles. When the flames gutted the car, other drivers tried to put off the fire with their tubes but they did not manage to extinguish.

Enraged flames were taken under control and put off by the intervention of the fire brigade teams but vehicle turned into a wreckage at the end of the incident.


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