Cancelations put Turkish tourism agencies on alert

“Just due to this event alone, we are facing [TL] 40 million in losses, as well as a hit to our prestige. The wave of political events that have swept through our country and region have negatively impacted tourism demand,” the TUROB statement read. The medical conference was scheduled to take place in April 2016 in İstanbul but has since been moved to Amsterdam.

TUROB also wrote that it did not forecast an improvement in the number of visitors from the UK, a major market, in 2016, though it added that the post-election period and the formation of a government after months of uncertainty will be positive for the sector. The hoteliers’ association said in its announcement that some of Turkey’s competitor countries in the tourism sector, such as Greece, Italy and Spain, have improved their tourist figures at the same time as Turkey’s have fallen. The number of tourists from Germany, another major market, has increased largely in part due to discounts implemented by hoteliers scrambling to cover their losses. TUROB said that similar pricing schemes would continue.

The detonation of a bomb resulting in a plane crash in Egypt that killed 224 people, mostly Russian tourists, has created concerns in many countries that send tourists to the region. TUROB expects that the incident will be devastating for the already embattled Egyptian tourism sector but will be unlikely to result in a surge in demand for Turkey among Russian tourists. Turkish hoteliers and tourist agents have grappled with a major plunge in the number of Russian tourists this year amid the faltering ruble.

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