Bus crash eleven cars as driver suffers heart attack

A bus crashed eleven cars when its driver suffered heart attack while moving in eastern Turkish province of Malatya on Saturday. The people in the bus saved from possible calamity by the intervention of a passenger.

Erdogan Deniz, 49, the driver of 44 AT 498 plated bus, voyaging housing development administration of Turkey (TOKİ) and on the direction of Pasakosku Boulevard on the district of Yesilyurt, suffered a heart attack while using the bus. When he fainted the bus got out of control, which about 100 people were in

Zekeriya Demir, one of the passengers in bus, attempted to stop the car by controlling the steering wheel. Since the driver’s foot pressed on the gas pedal, started to fasten and hit the eleven cars and a tree. Afterwards the man could get the control of the bus and stopped it. As nobody got injured in accident, driver was taken to the hospital by the ambulance, arriving on scene. The driver, whose heart stopped, was reported to resuscitate to life by the medical intervention of doctors in the operation.

Reportedly, the driver’s health condition has been ongoing as critical.


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