British envoy responds to pro-gov’t columnist on Twitter

British Ambassador to Turkey Richard Moore has once again denied the pro-government columnist Cem Kanduandcandukand’s claim that the United Kingdom closed down a British newspaper due to a phone hacking scandal that the newspaper involved in, saying readers will chose if to believe in the facts he stated or Kanduandcandukand’s version of events.
and”Flattered to be the subject of Cem Kanduandcandukand’s column in Star today and even more so that he addressed me like a close friend (sen). Grateful that he quoted my tweet accurately and in full. I will let readers choose between the facts as I gave them and Mr. Kanduandcandukand’s interesting conspiracy theories on andlsquothe real storyand’,and” Moore said in his remarks on Twitter on Wednesday, referring to Kanduandcandukand’s addressing the ambassador by calling him andquotyou.andquot
Mooreand’s statement came after Kanduandcandukand’s insistence that the British government and”breathed down Rupert Murdochand’s neck.and” Kanduandcanduk claimed the former owner of the News of the World newspaper was forced by the government to close the publication, which involved in hacking into the phones of celebrities, law makers and other figures in the news, for andquotestablishing a wiretapping gang without its own authority.andquot In his column published in the pro-government Star daily on Oct. 30, following the appointment of pro-government trustees to the ipek Media Group, Kanduandcanduk had warned FOX TVand’s anchorman Fatih Portakal for extending support to the media group. Kanduandcanduk recalled that an investigation was launched against Murdochand’s the News of the World and alleged that the British government closed down the newspaper. The columnist accused the television station, which is also owned by Murdoch, of aiding the Gandulen movement, a faith-based movement inspired by Islamic scholar Fethullah Gandulen which was declared by pro-government circles as terrorist organization without presenting any concrete evidence to date.
Moore replied to Kanduandcandukand’s claims on Twitter on the same day, saying his allegations about the News of the World are and”completely untrueand” and that it was the media groupand’s decision to close down the newspaper.
and”Are you fooling a kid, Mr. Moore? Who would believe in these lies?,and” Kanduandcanduk said in his column on Wednesday.
Kanduandcanduk insisted that the British government stated that Murdoch took the decision to shut down the newspaper of his own will, in order not to tarnish the andquotfreedom of the pressand” conversation. The pro-government columnist noted that although he saw the andquotMurdoch operation of the United Kingdomandquot as appropriate, the British government should know that Turkey also has to do what is legitimate and right for its own national security and interests.


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