Britain commits 275 million pounds to help Turkey handle refugees

Britainand’s Secretary of State for Defense Michael Fallon has said the attempts by the Democratic Union Party (PYD) to force Arabs, Turkmens and Kurdish civilians in northern Syria to relocate was unacceptable.
Speaking to the Handurriyet daily on Friday, Fallon said although the PYD is one of the groups fighting against the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), there is a concern over its methods while controlling territories in northern Syria.
and”According to an Amnesty International [AI] report on Oct. 13, the houses of civilians were deliberately destroyed and Arab, Turkmen and Kurdish civilians were forced to move to other places. It is unacceptable. We want the PYD to support an administration that embraces everyone living in territories under its control,and” said Fallon.
The PYD has been controlling territories in northern Syria since 2014 after the withdrawal of Syrian government forces. It has its own police force, courts, prisons and laws.
Another report released by the AI in September stressed that individuals had arbitrarily been detained for periods of up to a year without charges or trials. It further says those who faced trials suffered lengthy pre-trial detentions and that detainees were denied basic rights, including the right to defend themselves.
and”The PYD-led autonomous administration cannot use their fight against terrorism as an excuse to violate the rights of individuals in areas under their control,and” says Lama Fakih, an AI senior crisis aiser, in the report.
Fallon also condemned the attacks carried out by the terrorist Kurdistan Workersand’ Party (PKK) against Turkish security officials, saying the UK supports Turkeyand’s right to defend itself against the PKK.
He added the UK was ready to support Turkey in restarting the settlement process, which was launched by Ankara in 2012 to resolve the Kurdish issue in the country.
The process came to a halt in July, when two police officers were killed by the PKK after three years of a cease-fire. Ever since the deaths of the officers, violence has engulfed the southeastern provinces of Turkey, leading to the deaths of hundreds of security officials.
The PKK has been heavily hit by operations launched by the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), with thousands of terrorists having been killed so far.


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