Board warns against public officials’ extravagant use of cars

The report declared that the use of luxury cars by public institutions falls outside of guidelines specifying that the cars should be economic and not high-end or foreign brands, such as Jeeps. It also stated that official cars may not be used during private events or on holidays.

It warned that fraudulent means are being used to gain access to luxurious vehicles and that local governors are spending money on the use of such vehicles that directly comes out of the budget that is supposed to go towards public services in the area.

According to budget figures, during the first eight months of this year, the amount of money spent on the purchase of official vehicles was 10 times higher than during the same period last year, a total of more than TL 628 million. During the same period, an additional TL 264 million was spent to rent vehicles for public official use.

In May 2015 a statement by Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek that money paid for official cars is “not even peanuts” in the context of the Turkish economy drew the ire of the opposition, which accused the government of “reckless waste.”

Speaking in the province of Gaziantep, Simsek commented on the controversy over the large amount of money the state spends on official luxury cars used by top state leaders and bureaucrats. Stating that the money paid for these cars “is not even peanuts” in the budget, Simsek said these cars cost the state TL 3.3 billion in 2014, while Turkey’s overall budget is TL 473 billion.


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