Believers from Azerbaijan’s southern region strongly condemn Nardaran incident

Baku: Believers living in southern region of Azerbaijan have issued a statement on the incident that occurred in Baku’s Nardaran settlement on Nov.26.

According to the statement, the recent incident in Nardaran causes concern.

Believers strongly condemned the activities of the group, calling itself “Muslim Unity Movement”, aimed at destabilizing the situation in Azerbaijan and undermining state-religion relations under the guise of religion.

Muslim Unity Movement has no legal and moral right to speak on behalf of the believers of the country, said the statement.

“We believe that all believers should be vigilant and not succumb to internal and external provocations in this critical period of the region. Attempts of claiming that current incident is against Islam religion, driving it into sectarianism, threatening national and social security of the country are showing insidious intent of these circles. The abuse of our religion and using it for political purposes are harmful for Islam and in favor of some forces that are conducting a campaign for relating our religion with terrorism in the period of increased Islamophobia, and it has negative impact on the image of Azerbaijan that is distinguished by its tolerance and religious stability in the world,” the statement said.

Azerbaijan is a secular country and created equal conditions for all religious beliefs, said the statement.


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