Bedri Rahmi EyuboIlu painting hits auction block in Istanbul

A mid-20th century painting titled and”andciftandci Ailesiand” (Peasant Family) by famous Turkish artist Bedri Rahmi Eyanduboilu is set to hit the auction block this weekend in Istanbul.
Billed by the auctioneer as one of Eyanduboiluand’s masterpieces, the oil painting has an opening price of TL 250,000 and is among the top lots expected to go under the hammer at the upcoming 288th art sale of the Istanbul-based auction house Antik A.i.
The Contemporary Masters sale of Nov. 7 will also include five paintings by Erol Akyavai that together and”make up a retrospective,and” the auction house says in the saleand’s catalogue, posted online on its website Other notable pieces are four paintings from the late artist Burhan Doganandcayand’s well-known and”Ribbonsand” series, four canvases from various periods of Adnan andcokerand’s 65-year career and a painting titled and”Sokakand” (The Street) by avant-garde painter Fikret Moualla, according to the auction house. The comprehensive selection also includes works by masters Nejad Melih Devrim, Ferruh Baiaia, Avni Arbai, Abidin Dino, andOmer Uluandc and Mehmet Ganduleryanduz, as well as those by contemporary artists Azade KandOker, Selma Gandurbanduz, Canan Tolon, irfan andOnandurmen, Nilbar Gandurei and Yaiam iaimazer.
A small selection of works by Francis Bacon, Joan Miro, Yves Klein, Damien Hirst, Victor Vasarely, Peter Halley, Peter Zimmerman and Hiroshi Sugimoto will also be offered.
and”We chose all the pieces in this sale with such care, as though we were choosing each piece for our own collection,and” Antik A.i. representative Olgaandc Artam, who will conduct the auction, said about the sale.
The pieces to be auctioned went on display on Tuesday in Antik A.i.and’s exhibit halls. The auction will take place on Saturday at 3 p.m. at Antik Palace. Istanbul Todayand’s Zaman


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