Bears fed with fish at Bursa’s Zoo Park before winter sleep

Bears, living in Zoo Park run by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, are being prepared with special feeding programs before the winter sleep in the western Turkish province of Bursa. Bears are fed with fresh fish by their caretakers in order to get fat.

The animals’ need of energy increases while the weather gets cold, as the humans. The amount of the needs of the animals are being regulated as separately for each animal by the feeding experts in the zoo every day.

While lions, tigers and leopards are fed with boned red meat and chicken, bears, of which feeding manner looks like as humans, are fed with fresh fish, fruits and vegetables. The animals, which are fed with herbs, are being fed with appropriate vegetables. At seasonal transition terms, all animals are aimed to strength their immune systems by giving minerals and vitamins.

Also lemurs, which are fed with less fruits and much vegetables due to the high level of sugar in fruits, are given natural protein supplements.

The feeding manners and needs of the animals in Bursa Zoo, which is a member of European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA), are determined by EAZA with the laboratory studies. Animals’ feeding programme is determined with these studies.


Yuksel Koc, one of the visitors in the zoo, said, “This is a very nice place. Many kinds of animals are here. I saw not only the feeding of bears but also the other animals. I liked to see the animals’ coming to feeding stuff just like a human with one sign of the caretaker. Bears were given fish and they ate it like a wrap. It was awesome,” in his speech.


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