Baku hosts Flag Day bike race

By: Amina Nazaril

“Our Flag’s Our Honor” bike race, held as part of the Flag Day holiday, took place in Baku on November 7.

Co-organized by the State Flag Complex Office under the Cabinet of Ministers and Azerbaijan Cycling Federation, the cycling race began at the State Flag Square.

Together with members of national teams representing different age groups, more than 200 cyclists took part in the bike race.

Cyclists covered 16km, touring State Flag Square, the Sea Port and Heydar Aliyev Centre.

Azerbaijanis celebrated National Flag Day for the fifth year on November 9.

Back in November 17, 2009, the day was declared National Flag Day by a Presidential decree. Since then, Azerbaijanis throughout the world have celebrated this holiday.

The national flag, which consists of three equally wide horizontal stripes, is not just a combination of blue, red and green colors, as each color has its own meaning. An eight-pointed star and a white colored crescent are placed in the middle of the red stripe.

Azerbaijanis regard their three-color flag as glorious and honorable, as well as a source of loyalty and sincerity, and raise it with great pleasure and pride throughout the world.

The capital, Baku, has one of the tallest flags in the world: the Azerbaijani flag in the National Flag Square. This 162 meter-high flag measures 70 meters high and 35 meters wide, weighing 350 kg.


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