Baku hosts exhibition of famous Georgian artists

By: Laman Sadigova

The Azerbaijani National Museum of Art welcomes an exhibition of two outstanding Georgian artists – Giorgi Gugushvili, Rector of the Tbilisi Art Academy, and Ketacan Matabeli, professor from the same Academy.

The opening ceremony was held in an atmosphere of friendship, and symbolized the long-term fruitful and friendly relations between these two South Caucasus countries in the area of art and many other areas.

Born in 1952, Giya Gugushvili successfully graduated from the Tbilissi Art Academy in the class of famous Georgian artist and professor, Koki Makharadze.

The works of the young artist soon captured attention in regional and international exhibitions. He exhibited his work in Georgia, the U.S., Germany, Switzerland and Russia, through 26 exhibitions. The artist’s works are now kept in private collections and different museums.

Gugushvili, a talented and valuable artist, has been honored with various international awards and a Gold Medal for an international exhibition in Osaka. The artist has experience in nurturing young talents. While being a Rector of Tbilisi Art Academy, he set up different art programs and prepared exchibitions.

Gugushvili has also been awarded a top honor – the State Prize.

Ketevan Matebelli also graduated in the class of Koki Makharadze in Tbilisi Art Academy. Besides art, she was also engaged in book graphics and stenography. Traditional Georgian and Eastern miniature has always captured a big place in her art. She was honored with a State prize named after Shot Rustavelli and the “Georgian Spirit” award.

Forty-five of her works now feature in the exhibition.

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