Baku against any confrontation between its allies

“Azerbaijani society, each of us, every citizen is disappointed and uncomfortable with the recent tension between Turkey and Russia over the known incident,” Deputy Prime Minister, Deputy Chairman and Executive Secretary of New Azerbaijan Party Ali Ahmadov told journalists.

He said Turkey is a fraternal country and strategic ally of Azerbaijan, adding that Russia is also Azerbaijan’s close neighbor.

“The two countries enjoy comprehensive and close friendly ties. I think it is necessary to mention that there is a great history of Azerbaijan’s relations with Turkey and Russia. We don’t want confrontation or escalation of tension between the friendly countries of Azerbaijan,” he said.

“We want the soonest possible elimination of tension between the two countries. I believe that this is the best interests of all the sides, and will prevent any unwanted processes in the region,” he said, further voicing Azerbaijan`s firm readiness to offer its services and take necessary measures for eliminating this unwanted tension between Turkey and Russia.

The shooting down by Turkey of a Russian Su-24 fighter-bomber on Tuesday morning caused a confutation between the two countries. According to a statement by Turkish armed forces, a plane of “unknown origin” was intercepted by a pair of F-16s and ordered 10 times within five minutes to leave Turkish airspace. The Turkish side reportedly shot it down after it ignored the warnings. Russia reported the loss of its plane soon afterwards, announcing that it can prove it was over Syria the entire time.


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