Azerbaijani Prosecutor General’s Office issues statement on suicide of two schoolchildren loving each other in Khachmaz

Baku: The Prosecutor General’s Office has issued a statement on the suicide of two schoolchildren in Khachmaz.

Press service of the Prosecutor General’s Office told APA that 16-year old Khachmaz resident Guliyev Vasif Yashar was found hanging from a tree in a forest area near Nabran village of Khachmaz region and the body of 17-year old resident of Hajigabul-oba village Taghiyeva Nargiz Nurmammad was found about 25 meters away on May 24 at about 20:00.

The employees of Khachmaz Region Prosecutor’s Office and Police Office examined the scene and the bodies in the presence of forensic medical experts.

During the examination, strangulation furrows were found on necks of both bodies and incised wounds on their arms, parts of a broken bottle were also found on the scene.

Due to the fact, criminal case was launched in district prosecutor’s office with the Articles #120.1 (deliberate murder) and #125 (bringing to suicide) of the Criminal Code. Forensic medical examination was appointed in order to determine causes of the death.

According to the preliminary investigation, it was determined that Guliyev and Taghiyeva studied in parallel classes in the Khachmaz secondary school number 2 and they loved each other in the last one year. As 2 month ago Taghiyeva was engaged with her relative living in Ukraine, recently both told their classmates about their suicide.

A few hours before the incident Guliyev and Taghiyeva with her classmate Amin Alipashayev went to the forest. When they were cutting their arms with a piece of glass to commit suicide Alipashayev also injured his arm in order to deter them from the action. However, Guliyev and Taghiyeva deceiving him parted with him and then they committed suicide.

According to the initial assumption, firstly, Vasif Guliyev deliberately strangled to death Nargiz Taghiyeva with belt, then hanged himself from a tree with the same belt

Investigation is underway on the case.


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