Azerbaijani president: “The judicial system should be transparent to the maximum extent”

Baku: “Azerbaijan successfully continues the process of improving the judicial system”, – President of Azerbaijan said during a speech at the opening ceremony of a new administrative building of Sheki court complex, APA reports.

“I especially want to note the activities of the Judicial Council. The Council has operated for 10 years. Reforms in this area, the progress made has led to the strengthening of the judicial system, increasing transparency”, said the head of state.

The President noted that Azerbaijan has successfully implemented the formation of the rule of law: “The initiator of the process of the rule of law in Azerbaijan was Heydar Aliyev. On his initiative in the early 1990s, significant steps have been taken. It adopted the Constitution of independent Azerbaijan. At the time, it was determined a strategic direction: Azerbaijan should be formed legal state, ensured the rule of law, the judicial system should be based on progressive international experience”.

The head of state noted the great achievements in this field in recent years, said that Azerbaijan is rapidly process of forming the rule of law: “Of course, transparency of work of courts plays a special role in this issue. According to my information, recent times reduction is seemed in the number of complaints against judicial decisions. This suggests that most of the decisions fair. Because we are constantly reviewing public opinion. Petitions received in the Presidential Administration, as well as in other organs are treated very carefully and for each treatment being investigated. There are grounds to say that in recent years in this area there have been positive changes”.

The President noted that as a result of carried out measures and transparency reforms in the judicial system can be raised to the maximum level: “The recently adopted decision, in particular, the creation of an information system “Electronic Court” will play an important role in ensuring transparency and elimination of red tape. In a word, the judicial system has become a modern system with a lot of confidence”.

The head of state said that at present all the new judicial complexes are equipped with information systems of “electronic court”, which is a serious reform: “Because the courts’ decisions must be fair. In general, everything in life must be based on justice. In case of violation of justice, of course, there is discontent among the same, in general, the positive development of the company may encounter difficulties. A just solution to increase the people’s trust in the state, also regulate our lives. All decisions must be fair. Decisions reforms in the judicial system pursue this goal”.

“Biased approach should not be. Fight against corruption should be carried out even tougher. In short, the judicial system should be transparent to the maximum extent. Application in Azerbaijan in the field of international practice is important. Because in developed countries we are seeing in many cases, the transparency of the courts. Of course, unreasonable decisions can be made in any country. But if we take as a whole, in the developed countries, in Europe the judiciary transparency and fairness. This is a very important condition for democratic development”, Azerbaijani president said.

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